Crush for a Cure Charity Video – NYC Grind Mashup Series

Pulling together to unite for a common cause is the basis for the numerous charitable organizations found around the world…and the generosity of the average person is the engine that keeps their work going. Like many people who are passionate about what they do, pool players find ways to give back to causes that are important to them, while sharing their love for what they do.

Along with recent pool fundraisers including the Heroes Hearts Open, the benefit tournaments to support pool player Hunter Cole’s cancer treatment, the upcoming Rack for a Cure 9-Ball Charity Tournament, and countless others, the APA of Suffolk, NY on Long Island teamed up with area pool players to support four different cancer foundations.

Crush for a Cure Cancer Benefit Tournament
The event, which was dubbed ‘Crush for a Cure’, took place at Felt Billiards in Commack, NY…where teams of players came together to compete and share in their common goal of supporting those battling with cancer.

In total, $12,795 was raised through their efforts, which went toward the Lustgarten Foundation, St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, Cancercare of NY, and 1 in 9 Breast Care Coalition of Long Island. The event’s top fundraiser, Long Island pool player Evan Broxmeyer and his family’s company, Fairfield Properties, were intrinsic in making the event possible.

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