Ralph Greenleaf Wins World Championship

Ralph Greenleaf, legendary pool player and 20 time World Pocket Billiards Champion, wins the World Championship over Erwin Rudolph. Check out some old time pool and billiards world championship level play.

World Championships (title defenses included) won by Ralph Greenleaf:

1919 (December) vs. Bennie Allen

1920 (November) vs. Arthur Woods

1921 (October) vs. Arthur Woods
1921 (December) vs. Arthur Woods
1922 (February) vs. Thomas Hueston
1922 (May) vs. Walter Franklin
1922 (October) vs. Bennie Allen
1922 (December) vs. Arthur Church
1923 (January) vs. Thomas Hueston
1924 (April) vs. Bennie Allen
1926 (November) vs. Erwin Rudolph
1928 (March) vs. Frank Taberski
1928 (May) vs. Andrew St. Jean
1929 (December) vs. Erwin Rudolph
1931 (December) vs. George Kelly
1932 (December) vs. Jimmy Caras
1933 (May) vs. Andrew Ponzi
1937 (April) vs. Andrew Ponzi
1937 (November) vs. Irving Crane
1937 (December) vs. Irving Crane

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